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Initiatives & Letters

From time to time, Dean Berger-Sweeney and the leadership team of the School of Arts and Sciences release letters to the community. In some cases, these letters serve solely to inform the faculty, students, and staff of the school about recent events; in other cases we are announcing important changes in academic or administrative policies. On occasion, information is provided that may require that a given group within Arts and Sciences take action or respond. One example of that kind of letter was the series of letters sent out several years ago relating to retirement benefits. In the case of one of the letters now posted, which announces that Dean Andrew McClellan is returning to the faculty, we also describe the process by which interested faculty members could submit applications for the position which will be vacant as a result of his departure. On rarer occasions, fortunately, we inform the community about serious matters involving issues of health and safety. Sadly, our most difficult communications often inform you about the loss of a beloved member of our community. Last, you will see that your feedback is solicited as a matter of course. This is a genuine request for you to keep in touch with us via this website, by clicking on the feedback link.