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Vision Statement & Guiding Principles

Vision for the School of Arts and Sciences
Knowledge makes a difference in the world. Thus, the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University fosters a culture where excellence and innovation are applied to scholarly and creative activities. This environment provides a transformative educational experience to a diverse community of undergraduate and graduate students who will make their mark as leaders, scholars, and citizens in an increasingly interdependent, complex world.

Guiding Principles for the School

  • The discrete disciplines of Arts and Sciences – the humanities; the arts; the social, physical, and natural sciences – are each valued and together comprise the strengths of our school.
  • Creating knowledge and pursuing intellectual and artistic inquiry at the highest levels are essential to support our research mission and our commitment to teaching.
  • Enhancing and expanding our international reputation for academic excellence are important to ensure that we attract the best students, faculty, and staff.
  • Educating a citizenry prepared to address societal challenges is a necessary and valuable endeavor.
  • Transformative experiences within Arts and Sciences positively change the lives of our students as they learn to balance what they have learned with what they want to do and who they want to be.
  • Collaboration and partnerships across disciplines, within and outside Tufts University, are needed to leverage the School's strengths.
  • Diversity and inclusion are inherent strengths and necessary for excellence, not problems to be resolved.
  • Community spirit allows students, faculty, and staff to feel a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and connection to one another.
  • Using intellect to make a difference, our students are prepared for life as humane, global citizens.

Did You Know?

The School of Arts and Sciences offered 3,286 courses with total student enrollment of 51,118 in 2004-2005.