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American Studies Listing

Courses that count toward an American Studies major are taught by faculty throughout the university. Some faculty are actively engaged in the American Studies Program, and are designated as Core Faculty. Faculty Affiliates may participate simply by cross-listing their courses with the program. Regardless of their status, all share a commitment to the American Studies program goals and to American Studies students.

Core Faculty

Heather D. Curtis, Director of American Studies Program, Associate Professor of Religion
American religions; history of race, religion & American nationalism; transnational humanitarianism & reform movements; history of global Christianity

Thomas Abowd, Lecturer in American Studies and Colonialism Studies
Colonialism and decolonization; race and racial politics; gender and sexuality; Arab and Muslim Americans; policing and urban protest

Pawan Dhingra, Professor of Sociology and American Studies
Sociology of race; immigration; social identities; Asian American studies

Ronna Johnson, Lecturer in American Studies and English
American literature, postwar movements in U.S. arts and culture, the Beat generation, feminist theory, studies of 20th century women and intersectionality

Kyle Kamaiopili, Graduate Instructor
Global Indigenous Studies, American Studies Theories and Methods, Literature

Lisa Lowe, Distinguished Professor of English and American Studies
U.S.-Asia Studies; race, colonialism, and diaspora; transnational feminisms; culture and globalization

Jami Powell, Lecturer in American Studies
Areas Museum anthropology; decolonizing methodologies; ethnology and ethnohistory; collaborative museology; materiality; NAGPRA; American Indians; Oklahoma

Jean Wu, Senior Lecturer in American Studies and Director of Asian American Studies Race in America
Asian American studies, Anti-racist education and community-based action

Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor of Art History and American Studies
Latino studies; modern and contemporary Mexican, Latin American and Latino art; gender

Affiliate Faculty

Jennifer Allen, Associate Professor (pnd), Public Health and Community Medicine
Health inequities; community-based interventions; "one health" – the interface of human-animal-environmental health

Hilary Binda, Senior Lecturer in Visual and Critical Studies, Director of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Founding director, Tufts University Prison Initiative at Tisch College.

Alex Blanchette, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Industrialism and ethnography of labor; food, environment, and agriculture; animal studies

Steve Cohen, Senior Lecturer in Education
U.S. education, history education, desegregation of schools, modern US history

Kendra Taira Field, Assistant Professor of History and Africana Studies (on leave)
Slavery, freedom, race, and social movements in U.S., African-American, and Native American history; family history, memory, and memorialization

Kareem Khubchandani, Mellon Assistant Professor of Drama and Dance
Performance Studies, Queer Studies, and Southeast Asian Studies

Elizabeth Lemons, Senior Lecturer in Religion
Religious Thought in the Modern/Contemporary West; Philosophy of Religion; Religion and Culture in the United States; Gender and Women's Studies in Religion

Kris Manjapra, Associate Professor of History (on leave)
Interim Director, Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora
Intellectual History; Transnational Studies; Postcolonial Studies; Urban History; Oral History; Digital Humanities

Helen B. Marrow, Associate Professor of Sociology
Immigration; race and ethnicity; inequality and social policy; health; Latin American and Latino studies

Noe Montez, Associate Professor of Drama and Dance
Latino theatre and film, memory, trauma, and commemoration

Freeden Blume Oeur, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Gender and Masculinity, Education, Youth, Sociological and Feminist theory

Stephan Pennington, Associate Professor of Music
African American Music, Popular Music Studies, Transatlantic Musical Exchange, Trans/Gender and Sexuality Studies

Eric Rosenberg, Associate Professor of Art History
American Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, and Theories and Methods

James Rice, Walter S. Dickson Professor of English and American History
Early America, Native American, and Environmental History

Sarah Sobieraj, Associate Professor of Sociology
Sociology of mass media; political sociology; social movements

Ninian Stein, Lecturer in Envionmental Studies
Environmental policy and communication, landscape change, and environmental justice

Ichiro Takayoshi, Associate Professor of English
American literary history; intellectual history; liberal political theory

Greg Thomas, Associate Professor of African American Literature
Race and empire; Global African literature; body politics; epistemology; music and film; Black Radical Traditions; neo/colonialism and anti-colonialism.

Sabina Vaught, Associate Professor of Education
Educational studies; Critical Race Theory; Critical Feminisms; Institutional ethnography

Nathan Wolff, Assistant Professor of English
Nineteenth-century American literature; Affect/emotion; Sex, gender, sexuality; Critical theory; Democracy, bureaucracy, populism