Faculty & Advisors

Faculty & Advisors

The Asian American Studies Faculty & Advisors

Please refer to the list of the core and affiliated faculty below.

To declare the Asian American Studies minor, contact the director or a core faculty member with whom you are familiar. You have the freedom to choose an advisor that you feel best serves your interests.

Natalie Masuoka, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Director of Asian American Studies
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States, Immigrants and Immigration Policy, Mixed Race/Multiracial Identities

Pawan Dhingra, Professor of Sociology and American Studies
Sociology of race; immigration; social identities; Asian American studies

Penn Loh, Lecturer in Urban and Environmental Policy, Director of Masters of Public Policy Program and Community Practice
Environmental and social justice issues

Lisa Lowe, Distinguished Professor of English and American Studies
U.S.-Asia Studies; race, colonialism, and diaspora; transnational feminisms; culture and globalization

Jayanthi Mistry, Professor of Child Development
Cultural perspectives on child development; Development of multiple identities and navigating multiple cultural worlds, with a focus on ethnic minority, immigrant, and under-represented communities; Interpretive methods in the study of children and families; Facilitating change in educational practice through teacher-research & collaboration

Cora Roelofs, Assistant Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine/Community Health Program
Occupational health, U.S. immigrant populations, cleaner production, primary prevention strategies in policy and practice, community-engaged research

Christina Sharpe, Associate Professor of English and American Studies
Black cultural studies; visual arts; African American literature; U.S. multiethnic literatures

Grace Talusan, Lecturer in English and Creative Writing
Fiction writing, narrative nonfiction, expository writing, Asian American studies

Jean Wu, Senior Lecturer in American Studies
Race in America; Asian American studies, Anti-racist education and community-based action