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Track Curriculum – Track System

The Environmental Studies major will require the completion of five core courses, plus five courses in any one of the tracks below, and a 100 hour environmental internship (ENV 99) pre-approved by ENVS.

Track I: Environmental Science

Track II: Sustainability, Policy, and Equity

Track III: Environmental Communications

Track IV: Food Systems, Nutrition and the Environment

Track V: Environmental Humanities

Track VI: Self-Designed with Advisor


  • Track courses must include:
    • one introduction to the track course;
    • three additional courses, one of which must be a seminar; and
    • a methods or research course.
  • No more than three courses can count for both their first and second major.
  • Environmental courses are occasionally offered through the Experimental College. These courses may be petitioned to fulfill some track requirements. Only one (1) Ex-college course may be used to fulfill the ENVS major requirements.
  • Most 200-level Urban and Environmental Policy (UEP) courses are open to undergraduate seniors with consent from the instructor. However, students should be aware that UEP graduate students are granted priority in these courses and undergraduates may be bumped from the course if a UEP student enrolls.