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Tufts Environmental Student Groups
The Office of Sustainability and Tufts Recycles! work with Environmental Studies students on campus-based activities. OOS focuses on developing leadership skills in students who come with a passion for the environment and they foster awareness and knowledge among the general student body.
Tufts Recycles! is a program in the Facilities Department that works closely with the Tufts recycling and waste contractors to ensure that recycling at Tufts reaches its fullest potential. Tufts Recycles! frequently offers ENVS students the opportunity to intern on semester-long recycling projects on campus, often in collaboration with other students.

In addition to working with OOS and Tufts Recycles!, students can join one of the existing student groups or create a new group when they believe that an important environmental or campus issue is not being addressed. Below is a list of environmentally-related student groups currently on campus:

Internships that bring you into collaborative relationships with students, staff and faculty:

  • Eco-Representatives
    The Tufts Eco-Reps are a group of paid residential students that work in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability to help raise awareness about ecological issues, encourage environmentally responsible behavior in their hall-mates and peers, and plan related events and activities.
  • Tufts Recycles!

Student groups:

  • Tufts Sustainability Collective (TSC)
    The TSC is beginning a new chapter of student-led environmentalism at Tufts University after changing their name from Environmental Consciousness Outreach (ECO). They encourage action and progress while maintaining a steady presence on campus by being split into semi-autonomous branches, each in charge of a different aspect of campus sustainability.

    These branches are:
    • Tom Thumb's Garden
    • Students For a Just and Stable Future
    • Sustainable Action Squad
    • Food For Thought
    • Green Team
  • Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative
    The TFRC is a partnership between Tufts Dining, staff/faculty, students and Food For Free to minimize food waste at Tufts while at the same time addressing food insecurity in the local host community.

  • Tufts Mountain Club (TMC)

  • Tufts University Engineers without Borders
    A student group that works on sustainable engineering projects in developing countries.

  • Tufts Environmental Studies Group
    Students, faculty, and staff can join the Tufts Environmental Studies Group via Facebook. The group is intended to promote dialogue between different members of the Tufts community related to environmental studies and to build a network for our interdisciplinary student body. Members must request access here.

  • Tufts Bikes

  • Student planning and policy association (SPA)

  • Tufts New Economy