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Annual Undergraduate Environmental Photo Contest

Guidelines and Submission Information

The Tufts Environmental Studies Program supports an annual Environmental Photo Contest. The contest is open to all Tufts undergraduate students and will include prizes for 1st place ($150), 2nd place ($100), and 3rd place ($50). Prizes will be given as a gift card for the award winner's chosen retailer.

Each student can take and submit up to 5 photos as part of the contest, but is only eligible to win one of the prizes listed above.

All styles of photography are welcome (black & white or color).

To be considered for one of the prizes, all submissions must include:

  1. Digital files (min. 300 dpi jpg or tif format) submitted by email or in a memory stick/CD. All materials will be returned to the owner when the contest is finished.
  2. A single word document with brief descriptions for all the images submitted and containing the names of any individuals, places, etc. included in the photo(s).
  3. The Environmental Photo Contest Application >
  4. The Photo Subject Release Form >

    PLEASE NOTE: Photo(s) submitted for the Environmental Photo Contest must include a completed photo release form for EVERY INDIVIDUAL in a given photo. Photos that do not meet this requirement will not be considered for any of the three awards.
  5. The Parent/Guardian Photo Release Form, (if applicable)

    **(Photos taken of children under the age of 18 who are part of an individual's research or fieldwork, will not be considered unless photo release forms are signed by the parent or legal guardian of EVERY CHILD who appears in a given photo or photos. To receive the parent/guardian photo release form, contact Sara Gomez at environmentalstudies (@tufts.edu) or call 617-627-3553.)

Submitted prints will be exhibited on the Tufts Medford Campus and may be used by the Environmental Studies and TIE in their print publications, websites, or for other Tufts-related purposes. A digital exhibition will also be created on the ENVS website for those who are unable to visit Tufts in person.

Photo submissions, and other required documentation, are due by Monday, April 1, 2019.

All submitted photos must have been taken by the individual student submitting them.

Photo contest winners will be chosen by faculty and staff of the Environmental Studies Executive Committee; Tufts Institute of the Environment; and other specialized Tufts faculty usually within one month of submission.

Questions can be sent to Sara Gomez at environmentalstudies (@tufts.edu) or by calling 617-627-3553.

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