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Tasha Oren's co-edited collection, Global Asian American Popular Cultures was published in late 2016 (from New York University Press).

The collection highlights new approaches to modern culture, with essays that explore everything from music, performance, film, and television to comics, fashion, food, and sports. The collection has received enthusiastically positive reviews in academic journals like the International Journal of Communications and popular publications like The Los Angeles Review of Books.Tasha Oren is an associate professor of TV studies in FMS and the Department of Drama and Dance.


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Mass media saturate our lives, making media literacy an indispensable civic skill for the 21st century. Offering both a major and a minor, the Film and Media Studies (FMS) program at Tufts University is an interdisciplinary program that will educate you about the artistic potential and social effects of film, television and other modern media.

Theoretical and practical knowledge are equally essential for media literacy, and in FMS, you will take both critical studies and production courses. The program combines film with television and media studies due to their increasing convergence and is international in its outlook, thereby furthering Tufts' commitment to globalism and diversity.

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