The Composer Presents His Art
Monday October 23rd, 7 pm - 9:30 pm
Granoff Music Center, Room 155
Join the Music Department and Terence Blanchard as he discusses composing for Spike Lee and more.


FMS is very happy to welcome Tasha Oren, associate professor of TV Studies, who is joining the Tufts faculty this fall. Tasha's first course is TV in the Age of Change, and her classes will play a central role in the FMS program going forward.

Fall 2017 Courses
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Mass media saturate our lives, making media literacy an indispensable civic skill for the 21st century. Offering both a major and a minor, the Film and Media Studies (FMS) program at Tufts University is an interdisciplinary program that will educate you about the artistic potential and social effects of film, television and other modern media.

Theoretical and practical knowledge are equally essential for media literacy, and in FMS, you will take both critical studies and production courses. The program combines film with television and media studies due to their increasing convergence and is international in its outlook, thereby furthering Tufts' commitment to globalism and diversity.

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