Courses Listings

Below are film and media studies courses with FMS numbers that are offered regularly. The majority of electives taken by FMS majors and minors must have FMS numbers.

FMS 20: Art of the Moving Image (Required core course for all FMS majors and minors)

FMS 21: Global History of Cinema Required core course for all FMS majors

FMS 22: Media Literacy Required core course (or SOC 40 Media and Society) for all FMS majors

FMS 23: Media and Society Required core course (or FMS 22 Media Literacy) for all FMS majors, (cross-listed as SOC 40)

FMS 30: Film and Media Production I

FMS 31: Film and Media Production II

FMS 32: Writing the Short Film (cross-listed as DR 47)

FMS 33: Screenwriting I (cross-listed as DR 77)

FMS 34: Producing for Film (Crosslisted as DR 152)

FMS 35: New Forms of Screen Narrative (Crosslisted as ENG 12)

FMS 36: Costume Design (Crosslisted as DR 126)

FMS 39: Dance on Camera (cross-listed as DNC 77)

FMS 40: Beyond McLuhan: Media Theory for the 21st Century

FMS 41: Creative Writing: Journalism (cross-listed as ENG 7)

FMS 42: Intermediate Journalism (cross-listed as ENG 11)

FMS 52: Children and the Mass Media (cross-listed as CD167)

FMS 70: Histories of Film, Part One 1895-1955 (Crosslisted as VISC 0010)

FMS 72: Cinematic Cities (Crosslisted as SMFA/VISC 0105)

FMS 75: World of Japanese Animation: Culture, Cult, and Commerce (cross-listed as JPN 81)

FMS 76: Arab and Middle Eastern Cinemas (cross-listed as ILVS 87 and ARB 57)

FMS 77: Italian Film (cross-listed as ITAL 75)

FMS 78: Japanese Film (cross-listed as JPN 80)

FMS 79: German Film (cross-listed as GER 85)

FMS 80: Russian Film: Art, Politics and Society (cross-listed as RUS 80)

FMS 81: Hitchcock: Cinema, Gender Ideology (cross-listed as ENG 80)

FMS 82: Music On Film/Film On Music (cross-listed as MUS 35)

FMS 83: Latino Theatre and Film (cross-listed as DR 51)

FMS 84: Jewish Experience On Film (cross-listed as JS 142 and with REL 142, WL 142 and ILVS 103)

FMS 85: Film & Nation: Russia & Central Asia (cross-listed as RUS 85 and with CIV 85 and ILVS86)

FMS 86: Classics of World Cinema (cross-listed as ILVS 100 and as WL 101)

FMS 87: Postmodernism and Film (cross-listed as ENG 81)

FMS 88: Introduction to Chinese Cinema (cross-listed as CHNS 80)

FMS 89: African American Theater and Film (cross-listed as DR 48)

FMS 94: Dance and the Hollywood Musical (cross-listed as DNC 91)

FMS 94: Media & Environment: Creating Change (cross-listed as ENVS 195.01 and TCS 94)

FMS 94: Creating Children's Media (cross-listed as CSHD 143)

FMS 94: Documentary: History, Theory and New Directions (cross-listed as EXP 53)

FMS 94: Film Criticism: Art and Practice (cross-listed as EXP 55)

FMS 94: Kafka and Film cross-listed as GER 92/192 and ILVS 92)

FMS 94: Visual and Literary Cultures after the "Arab Spring." (cross-listed as ARB 91)

FMS 94: PR & Marketing: Unraveling the Spin (cross-listed as EXP 0052)

FMS 94: Race for the White House in a Modern Media Entertainment (cross-listed as PS 118)

FMS 94: Social Marketing (cross-listed as EXP 58)

FMS 94: Queer Cinema (cross-listed as DR 93.03 and 93.03R)

FMS 94: Television in the Age of Change

FMS 94: Intro to Film Theory (cross-listed as ILVS 92)

FMS 94: Practicum in Film Editing (cross-listed as DR 94)

FMS 94: From "Why Not" to Wi-Fi: History of American Broadcasting (cross-listed as EXP 56)

FMS 94: The Animated Universe: The History of Animation from Emile Cohl to Anime (cross-listed as ILVS 91-02)

FMS 94: From Beijing to Bollywood: Cinema of India & China (cross-listed as CHNS 91)

FMS 94: Cinema of the Apocalypse (cross-listed as ILVS 91)

FMS 99: FMS Internship

FMS 134: Screenwriting II

FMS 136: Directing for Film (cross-listed as DR 158)

FMS 138: Advanced Filmmaking (cross-listed as EXP 101)

FMS 161: Seminar In Mass Media Studies: Digital Hate (cross-listed as SOC 185)

FMS 162: Anthropology Of Media: Media, the State, & the Senses (cross-listed as ANTH 164)

FMS 163: Seminar: New Media, New Politics (cross-listed as PS 104)

FMS 164: Children and the Mass Media (cross-listed as CD 267)

FMS 175: Visualizing Colonialism (formerly Postcolonial Cinemas) (cross-listed as ARB 155 and ILVS 155)

FMS 177: Religion and Film (cross-listed as REL 100)

FMS 180: Psychoanalysis and Cinema (cross-listed as ENG 180)

FMS 181: New Latin American Film (cross-listed as SPN 151)

FMS 186: How Films Think (cross-listed as ENG 186-01)

FMS 194: Japanese Film Director: Hayao Miyazaki (cross-listed as JPN 191-01)

FMS 194: Film Representation in Latin America (cross-listed as SPN 191; taught in Spanish)

FMS 194: Dark Places: Sound and Music in SciFi and Noir (cross-listed as MUS 197)

FMS 194: Video Game Music (cross-listed as MUS 151)

FMS 194: Literature and Film of Post-Civil War Spain (cross-listed as SPN 192.01)

FMS 195: Directed Study

FMS 198: Senior Honors Thesis I

FMS 199: Senior Honors Thesis II