Film and Media Studies (FMS) Major

Forms for the FMS Major:

FMS Major Declaration Form

FMS Major Checklist Form: a new version
coming in the fall

All FMS majors must complete and submit
these forms to the Registrar's Office. The
Major Declaration Form is due at the end of
sophomore year; the FMS Major Checklist
Form is due during senior year. You can
download the forms above or obtain
hard copies at the FMS library located
upstairs at 95 Talbot Ave.

FMS Major Requirements
The Film and Media Studies major requires the completion of 10 courses:

  • THREE required core courses
  • SEVEN elective courses OR FIVE elective courses and a TWO course Senior Honors Thesis/Project

Required Core Courses (THREE courses)
The THREE REQUIRED CORE COURSES impart analytical skills, historical background, and theoretical underpinnings, providing a coherent knowledge base and consistent language among FMS students. The three required core courses are:

  • FMS20 Art of the Moving Image
  • FMS21 Global History of Cinema OR FMS24 20th Century U.S. Television History
  • FMS22 Media Literacy OR SOC40/FMS23 Media and Society

We strongly encourage students to take the three required core courses early in their program of study.

Elective Courses (SEVEN courses)
Students must take SEVEN ELECTIVE COURSES (or FIVE if undertaking a Senior Honors Thesis/Project) from the list of FMS-approved courses. Of these:

  • One must be a theory course
  • One must be an introductory film or media practice course
  • One must be a non-U.S. film or media course
  • One must be an upper level course or seminar

Electives fulfilling each of these requirements are listed on the list of FMS approved courses being offered each semester.

For students interested in focusing on film production, FMS recommends a focused sequence of film and media practice courses.

Senior Honors Thesis/Project (TWO courses)
In the senior year, FMS students may undertake a TWO COURSE SENIOR HONORS THESIS OR PROJECT under the guidance of a committee consisting of at least two faculty members, which allows students to do in-depth, self-directed work as scholars and/or artists. Learn more about the Senior Honors Thesis/Project. Students undertaking a TWO course Senior Honors Thesis or Project need only take FIVE elective courses along with the THREE required core courses.


  • Electives cannot be "double-counted”—an elective can only fulfill one FMS elective requirement.
  • For students electing to do a double major, it is possible to double count up to FIVE approved courses toward the FMS major.
  • No more than FOUR practice electives may be counted toward the FMS major.
  • An internship through the course FMS99 counts as a practice elective but does not fulfill the film and media practice elective requirement.
  • Only ONE internship taken for credit may be counted toward the FMS major.
  • The majority of electives taken must have FMS numbers (FOUR if seven electives are taken; THREE if five electives are taken).
  • Only ONE FMS Directed Study (FMS 195) can be counted toward the FMS major.
  • Up to FIVE courses taken abroad or at other universities can be counted toward the FMS major at the discretion of the program director. Contact Malcolm Turvey for details.

List of FMS approved courses being offered in the current semester >