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Frank Lehman
Assistant Professor of Music (2014-present)

Ph.D., Music Theory, Harvard University, 2012
B.A., Music Theory/Composition and Philosophy, Brown University, 2006

Lehman's research interests include film music, chromaticism, Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century art music, John Williams, transformation theory, and music aesthetics. He is currently completing a monograph entitled Hollywood Harmony that bridges music theory with the fields of film musicology, film theory, and music psychology. The book examines the way that music in American cinema structures a filmgoer's experience of both narrative and temporality, and it focuses especially on the evocation of the affect of wonder through non-functional 'pantriadic' chromaticism.

Recent publications include:

Forthcoming publications include:

  • "Scoring the President: Myth and Politics in John Williams's JFK and Nixon" (Journal of the Society for American Music)

  • "Manufacturing the Epic Score: Hans Zimmer and the Sounds of Significance" (Music in Epic Film, Routledge)

  • "Exploring Prediction in Language and Music" (middle author; Sr. Researcher Aniruddh Patel, principle author Allison Fogel; Frontiers in Psychology)

  • "Methods and Challenges of Analyzing Screen Music" (Routledge Companion to Screen Music and Sound, Routledge)

Lehman currently serves as Secretary for the New England Conference of Music Theorists and Vice Chair for the Film Music and Multimedia Interest Group for the Society for Music Theory. At Tufts, he is the Music Theory Coordinator, as well as sitting on the Academic Awards Committee and acting as a Pre-Major Advisor for incoming freshmen.

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Frank Lehman

Frank Lehman

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