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See the following list of Tufts faculty and staff, as well as their areas of oversight, to determine who to contact regarding your particular inquiry.

To learn more about Tufts Music concerts and events or to purchase tickets, call the Box Office at 617.627.3679.

For all non-Tufts, or Tufts non-performance (meaning lectures, panels, etc.), related inquiries regarding rentals or use of Granoff Music Center spaces, please call the Tufts University Conference Bureau at 617.627.3568 or send e-mail inquiries to conferences@tufts.edu.

Tufts Departments interested in using the Granoff Music Center should use R25. Fees apply.

General Music Department Inquiries:

  • John McDonald, Department Chair, Professor of Music - 617.627.5624

  • Richard Jankowsky, Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor of Music - 617.627.3388
    (Contact for graduate program information, ethnomusicology program)

  • Lucille Jones, Administrator - 617.627.3564
    (Contact for Granoff Music Center and Music Department administration, finance, program information and general inquiries)

  • Danna Solomon, Staff Assistant - (Tel:) 617.627.3564 - (Fax) 617.627.3967
    (Contact for general inquiries, rehearsals, classroom/studio/practice room scheduling, department inventory)

Granoff Music Center: Events, PR, Technology, Community Music Inquiries:

  • Jeffrey Rawitsch, Music Center Manager of Events and Public Relations - 617.627.2253
    (Contact for all media, music center events, music department concerts, music department ensembles, performance hall scheduling/supervision, concert and event staff, website, box office)

  • Paul Lehrman, Coordinator of Music Technology - 617.627.5657
    (Contact for all music department technology, music center technical services, audio/visual event support, student technical staff, department technical training, computer lab, recording services)

  • Applied Music Coordinator/Outreach and Community Music -
    Edith Auner, 617.627.5616
    (Contact for applied music program, applied music faculty, chamber music program, pre-college/community music programs, Tufts Music France program)

  • Anna Griffis, Coordinator of Music Public Relations and Events - 617.627.3679
    (Contact for Public Relations/Social Media, website, events, box office)

For outside inquiries (rentals) of spaces in the Granoff Music Center:

Please contact Tufts University Conference Bureau, 617.627.3568.