Research & Scholarship

Summer Scholars

Janna Karatas
Major: Political Science and Spanish
Faculty Mentor: Vickie Sullivan
Mentor Department: Political Science
Project Title: "Caesar Says, 'Do this,' and it is Performed": Political Implications of Biblical Allusions in Shakespeare's Plays
Description: Janna's research examines the political and theological significance of Shakespeare's inclusion of Biblical allusions in Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra. She focuses especially on the Faith of the Centurion in the New Testament.

Sophie Laing
Major: Political Science and French
Faculty Mentor: Deborah Schildkraut
Mentor Department: Political Science
Project Title: Flip-flopping Politicians: How Voters Punish and Reward a Changing of Opinion
Description: Sophie's research examines the difference in public reception when a politician changes their position on a controversial issue and whether or not that is affected by the candidate's gender.

Umar Shareef
Major: Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Malik Mufti
Mentor Department: Political Science
Project Title: Ibn Khaldun's Political Framework
Description: Umar's research examines Ibn Khaldun's political framework of The Muqaddimah. Umar argues that The Muqaddimah provides for a political framework that balances divine law and reason at a time when the Middle East is struggling to balance religion and governance.

Victoria Moore
Major: Political Science and History
Faculty Mentor: Dennis Rasmussen
Mentor Department: Political Science
Project Title: The Role of Society in Adam Smith's Moral Theory
Description: Victoria's research used Smith's The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Victoria examines using society opinions of others as a barometer for moral standards.