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Grant Proposal Submission Checklist

This form has been designed specifically for the use of the Arts & Sciences faculty to assist in the grant submission process. In it you will find guidance concerning university and department requirements, procedures, required forms, and most importantly, who to contact should questions arise.
  1. A&S Research Affairs Office provides assistance in searching for funding opportunities. We also recommend using the on-line COS search engine to find grant opportunities. COS is an acronym for Community of Science.

    Note: For private or foundation searches, contact Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR).

  2. On occasion the sponsor may limit the number of proposals submitted from one institution. Please contact A&S Research Affairs, immediately, if the sponsoring agency has set such limits.

  3. Start this process at least a month in advance of the stated grant deadline.
  4. Download and email an electronic version of the grant solicitation (RFA, RFP, PA) and a brief description of your intent to A&S Research Affairs in the A&S Dean's Office. Exceptions are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These departments should contact their respective Department Managers for assistance.
  5. If your solicitation will involve a special request as listed below, please inform A&S Research Affairs to facilitate the approval process that includes your Department Chair and the deans offices as described below.

    Request Contact
    All Requests
    (including use of graduate students as subjects in sponsored research projects)
    Joanne Berger-Sweeney, A&S Dean
    PI Eligibility Waiver Letter
    Course Release
    Nancy Bauer or James Glaser
    (Academic Deans)
    Additional Space
    Alterations or renovations
    Cost Sharing (mandatory or voluntary)
    Major Equipment purchase
    Kathryn Link, EAD

    *Please inform the A&S Research Affairs Office or your Dept. Manager (see #4 above) once approval has been obtained.*


  6. A&S Research Affairs Office is available to assist you with the following:
    • funding opportunity searches
    • understanding sponsor or grant guidelines/requirements
    • administrative pages of your proposal
    • budget preparation
    • fulfilling subcontractor and other collaborative requirements
    • navigating the Tufts internal process
  7. Things to remember:
    • Always adhere to the requirements of the grant solicitation.
    • Fringe and Indirect Costs rates
    • Graduate students' salaries/stipends are guided by the department's policy on teaching assistants or by specific sponsor guidelines.
    • For Graduate Research Assistants budgeted on grant proposals, A&S recommends recovering 15% of tuition costs prorated on the graduate students' level of effort.
      (See Tuition Guide; see also Tuition Rates)
    • A&S also recommends recovering 100% health insurance and 100% health fees for each graduate student budgeted prorated on the graduate students' level of effort. (See Tuition Guide; see also Fees)


  8. Signed internal forms packet must be completed five business (5) days in advance of the sponsor deadline.

    The following must be included in the internal forms packet:

*Note: the A&S Research Affairs Office will work closely with principal investigators to obtain all the necessary signatures. Electronic signatures, using Adobe or other software, are acceptable. Forms can be provided via email or fax to A&S Research Affairs or (617)627-6916.*

Rev 10/2013