Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

Recent Field Projects

Field Projects: Planning and Practice integrates theory and practice by providing students with an opportunity to work intensely on real- world challenges in their areas of interest, while offering community organizations and agencies the opportunity to gain insight into priority issues and advance strategic objectives through expert analysis and advice. The course is required of first-year UEP M.A. candidates during the spring semester. Students operate as consultants, usually in teams of four, on behalf of their chosen client, performing background research, gathering critical data, providing an assessment of a proposed course of action, addressing high-priority concerns or revising a strategic plan. Field Projects covers many required competencies and offers a rich opportunity to test existing theory, while honing problem-solving and other skills. Students generally spend about 10 hours a week on their project. The work culminates at the end of April with a team presentation to the class, the client and the community.

Below is a list of recent Field Projects reports and clients.

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