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School of Arts and Sciences

Strategic Planning

Building Our Future

In January 2014, the School of Arts and Sciences began a strategic planning process to outline a vision and a plan for strengthening the school's future. Throughout, the planning committee engaged the A&S community of faculty members, staff, students, and advisors in an open discussion about our shared future. The resulting plan draws upon the ideas and perspectives of many individuals, as expressed in prior planning documents, faculty and committee meetings, town hall meetings, and online feedback forms.

Strategic planning is a continuous process, and does not end with the publication of this report. The key to the success of this plan rests in its implementation. It has been a privilege to plan for the future of the School of Arts and Sciences. We all care deeply about Tufts, and we look forward to working with the community to build this future together.

Read the School of Arts and Sciences 2015 Strategic Plan: Building Our Future.

Read the Executive Summary.

Read the Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan 3-Year Progress Report (January 2018).

Read the Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan 5-Year Progress Report (January 2020). *This update was presented before the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had significant effects on the school and the larger university.