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School of Arts and Sciences

Majors and Minors

At Tufts, you can major in more than 70 undergraduate degree programs and have your pick from thousands of undergraduate courses. There are approximately 5,300 undergraduate students at Tufts, about 90 percent in the School of Arts and Sciences and 10 percent in the School of Engineering.

Liberal Arts Majors:

*Available as a Second Major

Liberal Arts Minors:

School of Museum of Fine Arts:

BFA Program
The SMFA at Tufts BFA program combines an in-depth, rigorous liberal arts education with intensive studio arts training at SMFA.

BA/BS + BFA Combined Degree Program
Graduates of the combined degree program receive two degrees within five years: a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Engineering Majors and Minors:
All minors offered by the School of Arts & Sciences are open to Engineering students. Visit the School of Engineering website for a list of engineering majors and minors.