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Shapiro Awards


Ted Shapiro
Ted "Teddy" Shapiro

The Shapiro Awards honors the memory of Ted Shapiro A82, an American Studies major who died in a drowning accident a year after graduating. His parents established the award to allow American Studies majors to pursue research during the summer between their sophomore or junior year. The award permits students to seek opportunities for personal and academic growth which would not be available to them without the support of the award. Awards are often used for exploratory work that will form the basis of the student's Senior Special Project or Honors Thesis, but this is not required.

While students can only receive an award once, multiple awards are given each year and the process for deciding on the recipients is not competitive. Often, all qualified proposals are funded. Proposals must meet the purpose of the Shapiro award and contain a well-written statement of the project. Your proposal should explain what you propose to do, when your project will be completed, what it will cost, and what outcome will result from the award.

Sadly, Ted's father, Aaron Shapiro, passed away in 2011. We thoroughly enjoyed his annual visits to Tufts with his wife Elaine to personally present the Shapiro awards. Our students have greatly appreciated the generosity of the Shapiro family over the years. Mr. Shapiro was a caring and generous man and he will truly be missed.

Donations to the Ted Shapiro Memorial Fund in the name of Aaron Shapiro can be sent to:

Tufts University
American Studies
128 Eaton Hall
Medford, MA 02155
Attn: Heather Curtis

Checks should be payable to "The Ted Shapiro Memorial Fund."

Please call Heather Curtis at 617.627.2930 or email her if you have any questions.