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Requirements & Courses

Interdisciplinary Clusters

There are four interdisciplinary clusters, which provide the opportunity for students to design their own course of study around the following themes:

Every American Studies major concentrates their studies in one of these interdisciplinary clusters. The cluster provides students with the opportunity to select relevant courses from at least two different departments/programs throughout the university. At least two of the courses must be at the 100 level, and no more than one independent study course or internship will count. Students have flexibility on course selection in completing their clusters, but the cluster as a whole should be intellectually coherent.

American Studies faculty assist students in selecting the contents of their cluster. Courses are approved by your major advisor, in consultation with the American Studies program director as needed. Students' Senior Special Project or Honors Theses are to be considered capstone projects and therefore must be on a topic related to the cluster.

American Studies majors may create an independently designed cluster that reflects the American Studies program goals. Students seeking to design their own clusters must obtain approval from the program director and steering committee by submitting a written rationale for the proposed cluster and course selection, as well as a letter of support from an American Studies faculty member who has agreed to supervise the student.