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Wen-ti Tsen
Knaster Artist-in-Residence
October 16–29, 2017

Wen-ti is a Chinese American painter and public artist. Since the mid-1970s, he has been engaged in making public art that explores different community cultures, especially immigrant cultures. In October and November 2017, two of his works will be on exhibit in the Tufts Galleries: "Pilgrim Father / Illegal Son: Story of Two Immigrants," an installation work juxtaposing the life narrative of William Bradford, the Puritan settler who arrived on the Mayflower to 17th century Massachusetts, and the life narrative of 'Li Tieshan,' an undocumented Chinese immigrant worker in contemporary Boston, will be in the Slater Concourse Gallery. The sculpture installation "Home Town" will be on exhibit in the Remis Sculpture Court; "Home Town" is made up of life-size hand-painted photographic figures of 19th-century Chinatown residents.

Wen-ti will be involved in three major activities during the residency:

Wen-ti Tsen Exhibits in Tufts Galleries, October – November 2017
"Pilgrim Father / Illegal Son: Story of Two Immigrants," in Slater Concourse Gallery
"Home Town: Re-Presenting Boston’s Chinatown as a Place of People" in Remis Sculpture Court

Public talk, Reception, Gallery Tour, "Art and Immigration: One Artist / Several Paths"
October 16, 4:30-7:00, Alumnae Lounge
In the talk, Wen-ti Tsen will speak about the role of public art in the politics of immigration in contemporary society, and discuss the different ways that his art and art practices communicate immigrant experiences

Two-week seminar with Wen-ti Tsen: "Public Art and Immigration"
Wen-ti Tsen will work with students on public art & activism in immigrant communities, focusing initially on his installation piece, "Pilgrim Father / Illegal Son," and then opening out onto the larger question of public art and activism. Seminar meets 3 times: Weds 10/18 4:30-6:00, Mon 10/23 4:30-6:00, Weds 10/25 4:30-6:00. Students sign up through the American Studies Program: Cynthia.Sanders@tufts.edu

"Mapping Migration: A Participatory Mural," Remis Sculpture Court

An ongoing 2-month workshop on Remis Sculpture Court Wall, Wen-ti Tsen works with drop-in Tufts/SMFA students to create a collaborative mural on migration. Using paint, collage, language, images, graphics and other media, participants will represent various journeys of movement and migration. First meeting: Weds 10/18 6:00 Remis Sculpture Court. Sign up through the American Studies Program: Cynthia.Sanders@tufts.edu.

Wen-ti Tsen in his studio
Wen-ti Tsen public art
Wen-ti Tsen public art Wen-ti Tsen public art

Sponsored by the Martha and Nat R. Knaster Charitable Trust, the Center for the Humanities at Tufts, and the Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora.