Consortium of Studies in
Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora

Programs included are the following:
- Africana Studies
- American Studies
- Asian American Studies
- Colonialism Studies
- Latino Studies

Asian American Studies is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to an examination of the diasporic East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander populations. It applies the methods and perspectives of traditional academic disciplines, such as history, sociology, political science, education, psychology and literature, to understanding the histories, communities, and cultures of Asian Americans.  The Asian American community today is a diverse one that is comprised of people of different ethnicities, religions, class backgrounds and immigration histories.  Scholars of Asian American Studies seek to foster greater public awareness of this diversity and the many social, legal and political contributions Asian Americans have made in society. At the same time, Asian American Studies research challenges students to confront issues of inequality, power and exclusion.  Although the original focus has been on the United States, given our increasingly global society and the growing transnational nature of Asian American communities, Asian American Studies has sought to think about the connections that can be made across Asian diaspora around the globe.

The Tufts Asian American Studies program is part of the Consortium on Studies of Race, Colonialism and Diaspora. The Asian American Studies minor provides a program of study so that students can examine the histories and experiences of Asian Americans alongside their degree pursuits.  The program offers courses that introduce students to Asian American Studies and also offers the opportunity for students to craft their own areas of expertise by taking coursework on concepts and issues that intersect with the Asian American experience such as immigration, health care, gender and educational access.