Functional Genomics

student in lab studying petri dishes

The Open Choice MS program offers a focus in Functional Genomics, which can be completed either part-time or full-time.

The part-time option is designed for students who wish to work full-time while completing their degree with courses in the evening. It is an excellent fit for professionals in Boston’s robust biotechnology industry. The Functional Genomics track equips graduates with the skills needed to contribute effectively to enterprising research on genomic, biomedical, or commercial projects.

The program is designed to be completed in less than 2 years using a trimester format for coursework. Credit requirements are the same as the full-time Open Choice MS program. 

Sample Part-Time Schedule*

Term Courses Offered
Fall Semester Programming & 'R' for Biologists Monday 6:00-9:00PM
Advanced Genomics OR Regenerative Biology Evening
Spring Semester BME 262: Molecular Biotechnology Monday 6:00-9:00PM
BIO 196: Advanced Genetics & Genome Editing Tuesday and Thursday
Summer Session 1 BIO 168: Biotech Process Project Lab Monday and Wednesday
Summer Session 2 BIO 152: Biochemistry & Cellular Metabolism Tuesday and Thursday
Fall Semester BIO 132: Biostatistics Thursday 6:30-9:30PM
Elective (E.g. Immunology or Regenerative Medicine) Evening
Spring Semester BME 154: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Tuesday 6:00-9:00PM
PSY 111: Psychiatric Meds in Children Monday 6:30-9PM

*This is a sample schedule. Course offerings and schedule are subject to change.

Tailored to fit your schedule, the Tufts' part-time professional master's programs will help you advance your career. Requirements are the same as full-time study.

  • Allows working professionals to work full-time while attending courses during the evening, on the weekends, and/or online
  • Courses available in fall, spring, and summer
  • Students are eligible for tuition scholarships