Minor in Roman Archaeology

This minor offers an introduction to the material culture of ancient Rome and its empire.

Program Requirements and Policies

  • Five courses are required to complete the minor.
  • No more than two of these courses may be used for any other degree requirement.
  • Students planning a minor in Roman Archaeology should declare a proposed minor as early as possible.

5 courses required:

The Minor in Roman Archaeology consists of five courses distributed as follows:

  1. Classics 27: Introduction to Classical Archaeology
  2. Classics 38: History of Ancient Rome
  3. Classics 32: Roman Literature: Texts and Contexts*
  4. Classics 167: Tyrrhenian Archaeology*
  5. Classics 168: Roman Art and Archaeology

*Seminar courses in Roman History (CLS 185/186) or Roman Archaeology (CLS 187/188) may be substituted for CLS 32 and/or CLS 167.