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Faculty and Staff

Faculty Administrators

R. Bruce Hitchner, Department Chair, Classical Studies; Director, Archaeology Program

Marie-Claire Beaulieu, Director of Graduate Studies

Steven W. Hirsch, Transfer of Credit - Archaeology

Joanne H. Phillips, Minor Advisor, Transfer of Credit

Classical Studies Faculty

Marie-Claire Beaulieu, Associate Professor; Greek Religion, Epigraphy, Medieval Latin

Gregory R. Crane, Winnick Family Chair in Technology and Entrepreneurship; Professor; Editor-in-Chief, Perseus Project; Greek & Latin Language, Digital Humanities

J. Matthew Harrington, Senior Lecturer; Greco-Roman space and architecture, Post-Augustan Latin Literature, Satire, Comparative Greek and Latin Grammar (PIE Linguistics)

Steven W. Hirsch, Associate Professor; Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern history

R. Bruce Hitchner, Professor; Chairman, Dayton Peace Accords Project; Roman history, archaeology and International Relations

Anne Mahoney, Senior Lecturer; Classical tradition and reception; linguistics; ancient drama; ancient mathematics; Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit language and literature

Joanne H. Phillips, Associate Professor; Greek and Latin Languages, Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine, Lucretius

Andreola Rossi, Lecturer; Greek & Roman epic, Greek & Roman historiography, the history and culture of the Augustan period

Susan E. Setnik, Lecturer; Greek & Latin literature, pedagogical theory & practice

Riccardo Strobino, Mellon Bridge Assistant Professor; Greek, Latin, and Arabic Traditions
Affiliated Faculty
Ioannis Evrigenis, Professor, Political Science; Greek and Roman Political Thought

Jennifer Eyl, Assistant Professor, Religion; Early Christianity, Gender and sexuality in antiquity, Hellenistic philosophies

Christiana Olfert, Associate Professor, Philosophy

David J. Proctor, Senior Lecturer, History
Archaeology Faculty
Steven Hirsch, Associate Professor Classical Studies; Greek and Near Eastern History

Jack Ridge, Professor, Geology; Environmental Geology; Geomorphology

Lauren Sullivan, Lecturer, Anthropology; Mesoamerican Archaeology

David J. Proctor, Senior Lecturer, History & Classical Studies; Medieval Western Europe, Southeastern Europe, Byzantium, church-state relations

J. Matthew Harrington, Senior Lecturer, Classical Studies; Greco-Roman space and architecture, Post-Augustan Latin Literature, Satire, Comparative Greek and Latin Grammar (PIE Linguistics)
Emeriti Faculty
Professor Emeritus William Frank Wyatt
Professor Emeritus Van Loran Johnson
Professor Emeritus John. W. Zarker
Faculty to Remember
Professor Emeritus Peter L. D. Reid
Professor William Frank Wyatt
Professor Van Loren Johnston
Professor Thomas Henry Corcoran
Professor John W. Zarker
Visiting Professor Joseph Francis Desmond
Professor and Research Professor Miriam S. Balmuth
Senior Lecturer Dr. Regina Merzlak
Noah Barrientos, Department Administrator, Office: 617.627.3234
Gabriella Bertucci, Administrative Assistant, Office: 617.627.3213