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Consortium of Studies in
Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora

Programs included are the following:
- Africana Studies
- American Studies
- Asian American Studies
- Colonialism Studies
- Latino Studies

In Colonialism Studies, students explore the historical and present-day colonial formations that illustrate the specificities and convergences of colonial violence, rule and governance, racialization, displacement and its legacies. This course of study connects the differentiated concerns of slavery, military colonialism, war, processes of extraction and accumulation, cultural imperialism, gendered and sexual violence. Students consider problems and contexts that are specific to the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia, and ones that cross and bind together world regions. Colonialism Studies exposes the meaningful links among multiple sites, communities, and subjects where colonialisms have forcibly shaped and remade terrains of rule, diaspora, struggle, contestation, and cultural expression.

Major themes of the Colonialism Studies Minor:

  • Perspectives on the global humanities
  • Comparative studies of colonization and decolonization
  • Processes of conquest, occupation, and settlement
  • Constructions of civilization, race, gender, sexuality and geography
  • Political economy of colonialism
  • Processes of development and globalization
  • Rebellion, cultural resistance, contestation and hybridization
  • Transnational migration and immigrant presence
  • Creativity and culture of colonized peoples

The Colonialism Studies minor is part of the Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora (RCD). The RCD consortium also includes the following programs: Africana Studies, American Studies, Asian American Studies, and Latino Studies. All of these programs share a common intellectual and pedagogical project to critically study race, migration, and settlement.