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Senior Projects

Capstone Project or Option Course

The senior capstone project (CST0198) is an independent study culminating in an original piece of work intended to draw together a student's Colonialism Studies experience at Tufts. The project should reflect an understanding of and facility with the conceptual approaches explored during the completion of the minor. The capstone project will be evaluated by two members of the Colonialism Studies committee.

As an alternative to the senior capstone project, a student has the option of: a) taking an approved Colonialism Studies course during the first or second semester of senior year, and fulfilling the capstone requirement by writing a research paper (minimum 15 pages), or completing an oral presentation or a performance that integrates the knowledge and methodologies from the course with other conceptual approaches explored in courses taken for the minor. In the case of the option course, the capstone project will be evaluated by the course instructor and one other member of the Colonialism Studies committee.

The choice of capstone or option course must be approved by the Colonialism Studies committee before it begins.