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Students who have declared the Colonialism Studies minor prior to Fall 2020 can follow the previous minor requirements or choose to follow the new minor requirements.

The Colonialism Studies minor is designed to offer students a strong foundation to understand processes of colonialism, anticolonial independence movements, and the national and transnational effects that result from colonialism.

  • One introductory survey course (CST 0010 Visualizing Colonialism, CST 0011 Colonialism in Global Perspective, or HIST 109 Decolonization: Race, Empire, Archive).
  • Two courses with a full or partial focus on the processes of colonialism, focusing on the same world region or on the comparison between two or more world regions.
  • One additional course that contributes to the analytical understanding of power relations through political, economic, gender-based, historical, or cultural analysis.
  • Senior capstone project (CST0198) or option course.

In completing the above requirements, students must select courses distributed across at least three departments/programs.

Additional Information on Minor Requirements:
Minors in Colonialism Studies may take up to two courses as independent study or as transfer courses from other institutions or that are counted towards a major or a foundation requirement. Courses with grades lower than C- will not be accepted towards the minor.

Students in the minor are strongly recommended to pursue the study of a foreign language to an advanced level.

To declare a minor in Colonialism Studies, please complete the Minor Declaration Form and the Minor Certification Checklist

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