Andrea Acevedo

Andrea Acevedo

574 Boston Ave
Research/Areas of Interest: Dr. Acevedo's research focuses on racial/ethnic inequalities in the access to high quality of health services, particularly those related to alcohol and drug use disorders.


  • PhD, Brandeis University, Waltham, United States
  • MS, Harvard University, Cambridge, United States
  • BA, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, United States


Dr. Acevedo has over 15 years of experience in health services research, most of which has been on services for substance use disorders. She was involved in the development and testing of quality indicators for services for substance use disorders. Much of her work involves understanding inequities in treatment for substance use disorders, particularly those related to race/ethnicity. She has led studies assessing racial/ethnic inequities in publicly- funded treatment systems in several states, and examining the role that individual, facility, and community characteristics may have on treatment quality and outcomes. She has also been a Co-Investigator on studies examining the relationship between performance measures and treatment outcomes, and on the impact of provider-level interventions to improve treatment quality. Her current work is examining substance use among older adults and the incorporation of providers' perspectives to understand barriers and facilitators to treatment.

Her research interests expand to other areas, including racial/ethnic inequities in mental health care and on nursing home care. Her work incorporates equity issues across the lifespan, from adolescents to older adults.

Dr. Acevedo teaches courses on substance use and policy, applied quantitative methods, health care inequalities, and research methods.

Dr. Acevedo received her Ph.D. in Social Policy with a concentration in behavioral health services and policy from Brandeis University, and her Masters' in Health and Social Behavior from the Harvard School of Public Health.