About Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute is a non-profit program of Hanban, the Chinese abbreviation for the Office of Chinese Language Council International, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Confucius Institutes are non-profit public institutions, which aim to promote Chinese language and culture. As of February 2020, 541 Confucius Institutes have been established in 162 countries/regions around the world, with 81 in the United States.

The Confucius Institute at Tufts University (CITU) is a non-profit educational collaboration between Tufts and Beijing Normal University (BNU). CITU provides support and service in Chinese language instruction and culture programming, and facilitates academic exchanges and collaborations between the two institutions and the two countries. CITU's programs are designed to increase Chinese language and culture understanding among students, faculty and staff at Tufts and among residents in the local communities. Programming is at the direction and approval of the Institute's Program Committee, which comprises Tufts faculty and staff with expertise on Chinese language, culture, politics, history and society, and/or experience working in China. The committee members are appointed by the Dean of Academic Affairs for Arts & Sciences. Additionally, all of the Institute's offerings are language, cultural and co-curricular. These offerings are not credit bearing, and they are separate and distinct from any formal academic and/or credit-bearing courses related to Chinese studies offered by the university. Tufts University does not direct any of its federal or state funding to the Institute.


The Confucius Institute at Tufts University (CITU) aims to increase mutual understanding among people in China and in the United States through its effort to promote and support Chinese language and culture instruction and programming, and to facilitate and strengthen educational and cultural exchange and cooperation between the two institutions and the two countries.


The Confucius Institute at Tufts University was officially launched on June 24, 2015. The agreement with Hanban was signed in June 2014; the agreement with BNU was signed in April 2015. In 2019, the University and Hanban signed a new agreement.

2019 CITU Annual Report