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School of Arts and Sciences

COVID-19 Information for A&S Staff and Faculty

Updated March 27, 2020

Please visit for the latest news and FAQs from the University. As the circumstances around the COVID-19 have been changing daily, please continually refer to that for updates to the university's guidance. 

The following information addresses common questions from staff and faculty within the School of Arts and Sciences (including the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences).

The safety of the Tufts community is of the utmost importance to University administration and the A&S Dean’s Office. As the COVID-19 situation has escalated, the guidance for in-person meetings has become stricter and more limited:

  • Our expectation is that every meeting should be conducted virtually. 
  • Faculty and staff should not meet in person with students, staff, or other faculty for instruction, advising, and/or research. 
  • Department meetings, lab meetings, and dissertation and thesis defenses should be converted to virtual meetings. 

In this extraordinary time we must do all we can to help protect those around us, not just at Tufts but across our larger community. Each additional contact multiplies the probability of the spread of the virus among a larger group of people. Flattening the curve is the single most important contribution we can make at the moment.