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Ayesha Jalal, Director
Mary Richardson Professor of History
Department of History and The Fletcher School

Ujjayant Chakravorty
Professor of Economics
Department of Economics

Brian Hatcher
Packard Professor of Theology
Department of Religion

Shafiqul Islam
Professor of Engineering and Water Diplomacy/Bernard M. Gordon Senior Faculty Fellow
School of Engineering and The Fletcher School

Sulmaan Khan
Assistant Professor of International History and Chinese Foreign Relations
The Fletcher School

Kris Manjapra
Professor of History
Department of History

Sarah Pinto
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology

Joseph G. Walser
Associate Professor
Department of Religion

Current Graduate Students

Satgin Hamrah
PhD Program
Research Interests: South Asia, Middle East, transnational conflict and networks, Sectarianism, Islamism, State and Non-State Conflict

Tathagata Dutta
PhD Program
Research Interests: Bay of Bengal regionalism, South Asian and South East Asian transnational history, migration and Diaspora history.

Syed Kasim Masood
South Asian Nationalism, Hindu-Muslim relations, nationalist spectacles, Urdu Literature

Wendy Adrian Qian
PhD Program
Research Interests: South Asia, Iraq, caste, gender, law

Neelum Sohail
PhD Program
Research Interests: Colonial Governance, Crime, Policing, and Punishment, Transnational History