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Tara Kola, M.A. 2019
South Asia, China, and British Empire (19th - 20th century), History of Capitalism, Digital Humanities

Shayan Rajani, Ph.D., 2019
Regional territoriality in Sindh, South Asian Islam, and transnational history

Shahla Hussain, Ph.D., 2014
"Kashmir's Cry for Freedom: The Questions of Identity, Sovereignty and Self-Determination, c.1900 - 2000"

Sarah Waheed, Ph.D., 2010
"Radical Politics and the Urdu Literary World in the Era of South Asian Nationalisms c.1919 - 1952"

Nilesh Bose, Ph.D., 2009
"Anti-colonialism, Regionalism, and Cultural Autonomy: Bengali Muslim Politics, c.1840s - 1952."

Michele Malter, M.A., 2007
"Birth of a Cause: The National and International Discourse on Birth Control in India, 1920-1960's"

Neeti Nair, Ph.D., 2005
"Between Homeland and Nation: The Politics of Punjabi Hindus, 1907-1947"

Roshan Iqbal, M.A., 2004
"Perplexing Covenant: Temporary marriage, mut'a in Sunni and Shi'a Thought"

Prachi Deshpande, Ph.D., 2002
"Narratives of pride: history and regional identity in Maharashtra, India c.1870-1960"

Chitralekha Zutshi, Ph.D., 2000
"Community, state, and the nation: regional patriotism and religious identities in the Kashmir Valley, c. 1880-1953"

Semanti Ghosh, Ph.D., 1999
"Nationalism and the problem of difference: Bengal, 1905-1947"