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About the Center


The Center's mission is to promote engaged research, scholarship and discussion, with a focus on the ways in which issues of race and democracy impact the lives of global citizens.


The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy (CSRD) is devoted to conceptualizing the intersection between race and democracy at the local, national, and international levels. On this score, it focuses on the pivotal contributions of ordinary activists, iconic anti-racist political activists, intellectuals, elected officials, and cultural workers. Based on the belief that history informs contemporary struggles for democracy and public policy, the Center seeks to participate in a public conversation about the very meaning of racial, social, and political justice.

The Center is a source for expert scholarly opinions on race and democracy whose findings are publicized through its website, podcasts, blogs, and campus events. We seek to impact contemporary policy debates, intellectual scholarship, and social discourse on race and democracy. This distinctively interdisciplinary Center significantly enhances Tufts University's efforts to expand global research, civic engagement, and culture and society.

The CSRD combines Tufts' longstanding commitment to promoting active citizenship with cutting-edge research on how race and democracy shape the emerging social, political, cultural, and economic landscapes in the 21st century. The CSRD is an intellectual hub, public policy clearinghouse, and interdisciplinary headquarters that builds bridges across campuses, promotes partnerships across schools, and fosters collaboration across disciplines.