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Current Students

Joseph Abrantes
Joseph received his B.A. in International Relations from Tufts University. His research interests include access, student outcomes, and the first-generation experience in higher education; race and identity in youth sports. He serves as the Program Coordinator at the Experimental College.
Sean Ashburn
College access for underrepresented students; diversity recruitment and affirmative action in higher education; the development of culturally sensitive people, practices, and programs within schools and youth-serving organizations
Julianna Dugan
I am most interested in accessibility, diversity and inclusion in higher education, especially with international education and opportunities. My goals within DLS at Tufts and in the future are focused on development, management and support of programming and resources that provide underrepresented groups of students with the ability to participate in international academic experiences.
Domonique Johnson
Interest: inclusion within post-secondary institutions; success of marginalized bodies under white supremacy; POC in higher education
Ashley Jeannot
Throughout my undergraduate career and beyond, I have enjoyed partaking in conversations centered on diversity, inclusion, and various social issues; that created a space for people to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, learn from one another and to become better allies. Equipping people with the tools needed to engage in difficult conversations is the first step needed in hopes of starting the process for change.
Yuki Kunimatsu
Global Diversity and Inclusion, Strategy and Change management, Cultural Competency, Unconscious Bias, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Conflict management, Team-building, Inclusive Leadership, Work-life Balance.
Kevin Lovaincy
Supporting Students of Color and minority students in higher education, institutional change for equity in workforce and education, theories and implementation methods of diversity across a broad range of institutional settings, leadership in positions of diversity
Evelyn Ocampo
I am interested in looking at higher education and finding ways to create inclusive spaces and increase access to resources for students with marginalized identities.
Jared Smith
Educational Equity, Racial Justice, & Inclusive Excellence in Higher Education
Abhishek Verma
The passion for challenging work of Diversity and Inclusion stemmed from personal experiences and an innate desire to voice my opinions on behalf of the marginalized communities in the contemporary society. In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) business world today, the need of a global diversity and inclusion professional has become more significant as they are the pioneers who propel organizations in their planned efforts to make the work environment transparent, equitable and all-encompassing.