A current sampling of approved courses for the program is below. Students are welcome to submit a petition to the program to take additional courses that are in line with their area of academic interest and career goals. When admitted to the program, students will be paired with an academic advisor who will help them select a range of courses that best support their individual needs. Availability of courses varies by semester and department. For up-to-date information on course offerings, schedules, room locations and registration, please visit the Student Information System (SIS).

Please note: DLS = Diversity and Inclusion Leadership in our course catalog.  

Individuals, Groups & Society

  • DLS 201/ 202 - Diversity and Inclusion Core Seminar (Required yearlong course over 2 semesters)

Social & Historical Context

  • DLS 247: Diversity and Inclusion Leadership
  • DLS 249: Laws, Policies, and Politics in DEI
  • DLS 206/ ED 162: Critical Histories of U.S. Education 
  • DLS 208/ ED 167: Critical Race Theory 
  • DLS 209/ UEP 213: Housing Policy 

Cultural Sensitivity & Responsibility

  • DLS 237: Cultural Sensitivity
  • DLS 234/ ED 168: Pedagogies
  • ED 172: Creating Inclusive Learning Spaces

Organizational & Interpersonal Leadership

Organizational Behavior & Change

  • DLS 248: Organizational Change and Leadership
  • DLS 243/ UEP 276: Leadership & Organizational Development
  • DLS 245/ CD 281: Consultation and Collaboration Strategies
  • DLS 246/ UEP 293-02: Community Practice 

Interpersonal Relations/Conflict Resolution

  • DLS 293: Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation
  • DLS 254/ UEP 230-01: Negotiation and Conflict

​Research Design, Measurement & Analytics

Assessment, Evaluation & Policy

  • DLS 265: Program Evaluation
  • DLS 263/ ED 170: Critical Educational Policy Studies
  • RCD 150: Methods in Studies of Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora

Data Analytics

  • DLS 293: Communicating with Data
  • DLS 275/ UEP 232-01: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (DLS 275/UEP 232-01)

Final Project

If on the capstone track: 

  • DLS 29x Capstone 1: Seminar in Project Proposal and IRB
  • DLS 29x Capstone 2: Capstone Project Completion 

If on thesis track: 

  • DLS 29x Thesis 1: Seminar in Project Proposal and IRB
  • DLS 29x Thesis 2: Thesis Completion 

To transfer previous courses in, please request a transfer of credit via SIS.