Digital Varves

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The information in this section is for the North American Varve Chronology (NAVC), which is a reformulation (in 2010) of Antevs' (1922, 1928) original New England Varve Chronology (NEVC). The NAVC incorporates all updates and corrections that have occurred to both varve chronologies, i.e. it is the most updated version of the varve sequences. The NAVC has its own numbering system that is in AM (American) varve years, arbitrarily beginning at 2700 as did Antevs' NEVC (NE years).

Through the older parts of both chronologies the NE and AM numbering systems are close but they are quite different for the younger part of the chronology where some of Antevs' original NEVC sequences were consolidated and joined to older sequences when their true numerical relationships became known. All of the sequences in the new NAVC have a consistent numbering system. Data for the old NEVC and new NAVC, as well as a program and table for conversion of NE to AM numbers and vice versa, are given in Data and Downloads. A full listing of corrections to the old NEVC is given here in the NAVC section.

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