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Graduate Programs

Current Graduate Students

Program specific requirements can be found on the program page.

Program Director Contact
Art Education Susan Barahal
Educational Studies Shameka Powell
Erin Seaton
Elementary STEM Brian Gravel
Middle and High School Ryan Redmond
Museum Education Cynthia Robinson
School Psychology Silas Pinto
STEM Education Kristen Wendell

Graduate Student Resources

Contact Department of Education Staff

April Bergeron, Staff Assistant
Contact for reimbursements, room reservation, course scheduling.

Pearl Emmons, Multimedia Specialist
Contact for lending equipment such as computers or cameras.

Philip Gay, Project Manager
Contact for questions related to video and digital story telling.

Michelle Paré, Department Administrator
Contact for questions related to forms, payments, and events.

For general inquiries, please email or call 617-627-3244.

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