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Meet the Team

Our team includes psychologists and mathematics educators who have worked with teachers and students for two decades. Since 1998 we have been collaborating with local schools in the Boston, MA, area, to develop innovative new approaches to early mathematics instruction. We view arithmetic and elementary algebra as intimately interwoven.

Do we think second grade students are capable of algebraic reasoning? Absolutely. And our research is all about looking carefully at how young learners express general relationships among numbers and quantities through written notation, tables, and diagrams.

Current Team Members


  • Camille Burnett-Bradshaw, Mathematics Teacher, Boston Latin Academy
  • Mary C. Caddle, Post-Doctoral Associate, Poincaré Institute for Mathematics Education, Tufts University
  • Gabrielle A. Cayton, Associate Research Scientist at Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ
  • Darrell Earnest, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Anne Goodrow, Assistant Professor of Education, Rhode Island College
  • Jerry Karacz, Mathematics Coordinator K-12, Pflugerville ISD, TX
  • Susanna Lara-Roth, Tufts University Alumna
  • Mara V. Martinez, Assistant Professor, UIC, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department
  • Irit Peled, Haifa University, former Visiting Professor, Tufts University
  • Judah L. Schwartz, Professor of Engineering Science & Education, MIT (retired), Professor of Education, Harvard University (retired)
  • Candice Silberschatz, Mathematics Teacher, Cypress Ranch High School, TX
  • Pat Thompson, Professor of Mathematics Education, Arizona State University
  • Michelle Anderson
  • Aadina Balti
  • Candace Chick
  • Karolyn McNeil


  • East Somerville Community School, Somerville, MA
  • Samuel W. Mason Elementary School, Boston, MA
  • Mission Hill School, Boston, MA
  • Marshall School, Dorchester, MA
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