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Meet the Team

David W. Carraher
Ph.D. in Psychology, City University of New York

Phone: 617.873.9620

David is a Senior Scientist at TERC, in Cambridge, MA. As co-PI on NSF's "Bridging Research and Practice" Project he helped develop the Videopaper Builder, software that allows teachers and researchers to easily publish multimedia in web-browsable format. He has published widely about mathematics and science learning, including award-winning software in the U.S. and Brazil. Currently he directs the NSF-funded project, "Algebra in the Early Grades" and is director of research for the Fulcrum Institute of Tufts University. He served as researcher, advisor and director of numerous projects about science, technology and mathematics in the U.S. and Brazil. As a Professor of Psychology in Pernambuco, Brazil, he carried out research on everyday mathematics in and out of school, having published, with T. Nunes and A. Schliemann, Street Mathematics and School Mathematics (New York: Cambridge U Press, 1993). He chaired the scientific programs of ISSBD-94 (International Society of the Study of Behavioral Development) and PME-95 (Psychology of Mathematics Education). His first book, O Senso Crítico: Do Dia-a-dia Às Ciências Humanas (SãoPaulo: Pioneira, 1983) continues to be widely used in Brazil as a textbook on critical thinking. He recently finished authoring Bringing Out the Algebraic Character of Arithmetic (Erlbaum, 2007) with A. Schliemann & B. Brizuela; he is also co-editing Algebra in the Early Grades with J. Kaput & Maria Blanton (Erlbaum, in press).

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