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Pamela Bower-BassoLecturer Beardsley Reflects on Career, Student-centered Education

Department of Education Senior Lecturer, Linda Beardsley, was interviewed by Tufts Daily and reflected on her career in Education in the January 28, 2020 edition.

Find the full Q&A article on The Tufts Daily website.

Pamela Bower-BassoFaculty Included in NAEA Exhibition

Art Education faculty member Pamela Bower-Basso is included in the 2019 Juried National Art Education Association (NAEA) Exhibition. The exhibit showcases artwork from art educators throughout the country at the NAEA Studio and Gallery located at the association’s headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. The show runs from June 17, 2019 – December 6, 2019. Jurors selected 60 works for the gallery showing, and submissions were reviewed in the following areas: originality and uniqueness, clarity and meaning, innovation and creativity, material usage and medium application, and quality and craftsmanship. Founded in 1947, the NAEA is the leading professional membership organization exclusively for visual arts educators.

Freeden Blume OeurWelcome, Freeden

We are pleased to announce that Freeden Blume Oeur from the Sociology department will be joining the Education Department with a secondary appointment. This summer, his book Black Boys Apart received some recognition: Winner of the Best Book Award from the American Sociological Association's Section on Sociology of Education, and Co-winner of the Best Book Award from the section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Congratulations, Freeden!

Assistant Professor Brian Gravel publishes a new book

Assistant Professor Brian Gravel and his collaborator Eli Tucker-Raymond just published STEM Literacies in Makerspaces: Implications for Learning, Teaching, and Research. It is based on a 3-year NSF-funded project in 5 different making spaces in which they and their research team documented people's literacy practices (the ways people used representations) in the course of their participation in those making spaces. When asked about the book, Brian said, "We learned so much on this project, in particular the ways in which races and relationships between people interact to produce opportunities for learning in making spaces. The book ends differently than it begins and we are excited about the possibilities for further inquiry." Receive 20% off with this flyer.

Linda BeardsleyMakerspace in Rwanda

Education faculty member Linda Beardsley and Ph.D. candidate in Engineering Education Sara Willner-Giwerc just returned from a visit to the Maranyundo Girls School in Nyamata, Rwanda. Under the guidance and mentoring of Sara, a core group of students were trained to facilitate work in the school's makerspace, the creation of which has been supported by a partnership with Tufts' Center for Engineering Education and Outreach and Education Department. For 10 days, the students learned how a makerspace could add a new and essential dimension to the curriculum. During this period, over 100 students visited and invented in the space each day! Linda Beardsley's blog captures the atmosphere of excitement and learning.

Shameka PowellFaculty member Shameka Powell receives FRAC award

The Faculty Research Awards Committee (FRAC) has awarded Education Faculty Shameka Powell a Summer Faculty Fellowship for their project "Getting Off Track: Misalignment between district-level constructions of and school-site implementations of de-tracking policy." The committee "voted with enthusiasm" to award the fellowship. When asked about the work they plan to do, Shameka said,"I am quite excited about this project and how it's coming together. With the award fellowship, there are two things I plan to do. One, I plan to get even deeper into analyzing policy documents. And two, I plan to interview administrators, educators, and school support staff to see how they understand the de-tracking policy." Way to go, Shameka!