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Department of Education

Meet Faculty, Students, and Alumni

Meet Alumni

Mary ReynoldsMary Reynolds
Class of 2021, Music and Education major

I've wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, and at Tufts I have the opportunity to delve into education from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. The Education department bolsters its classes with important and interesting literature and works to include experience in real schools in its curriculum. My classes in the education department have also included many different perspectives on educational issues not only from our readings, but from different professors and guest lecturers, that have caused me to think differently about my approach to education. After Tufts, I plan to go to grad school for music education, after which I will hopefully be a public school music teacher. Without the opportunity to study music in my own traditional public school, I would have never had the resources to become a musician, and I hope to help foster music programs that provide students like me with the opportunity to create music themselves!
Anna RodriguezAnna Rodriguez (contact me)
B.A. 2018 in Community Health and Education

During my time at Tufts I double majored in Community Health and Education, and I could not be any happier with my decision. Choosing to major in Education as one of my majors allowed me to build a strong foundation and deep understanding about institutionalized systems at play that have affected me and my peers in ways I did not understand before. Additionally, it taught me how education does not pertain to solely teaching in the way folks tend to assume it does- it is the foundation of the overall process of learning and expanding ones knowledge. The major let me explore pedagogy and critically think about the ways the processes of learning and teaching are so interconnected that once you understand, it is tremendously difficult to overlook. Isn't that so overwhelmingly exciting? Education at Tufts allowed me to not only solidify my thoughts/belief/values, and overall understanding of my position in the world, but it also gave me the opportunity to gain the skills allowing me to challenge and disrupt toxic systems like racism and existing structures that prevent marginalized folks in America and beyond to disrupt.

Lastly, majoring in Education guided me to discover my passion of wanting to work in Higher Education. Currently, I am a Student Success Advisor for the Office for Student Success and Advising at Tufts, where I advise incoming first- and second years, as well as work with the general undergraduate first-generation student population.
Abriana MayerAbriana Mayer (contact me)
B.A. 2018 in Education and English, minor in Child Study and Human Development
M.A.T. in Secondary English, Brown University 2019

When I was figuring out what I wanted to major in, I visited the Education department's website to see if any courses sounded particularly interesting to me. I eventually stumbled upon a promotional video for Professor Linda Beardsley's "The Role of 'Story' in Education" course and decided to take it on a whim. I fell in love with the interdisciplinary work and social justice perspective that was embedded in my coursework, and I was excited to see my peers' pairing of the Education major with everything from Political Science to Community Health to International Relations majors. From there, I spent the next five semesters taking classes in curriculum development, methodology, and examining racial and economic inequities in the United States education system. In my senior year, I even had the opportunity to conduct my own research in a Senior Honors Thesis on sex education curricula and philosophies. 

With these countless opportunities and ample amount of preparation, I graduated from Tufts in 2018 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Education and English. I am now currently enrolled in Brown University's Master of Arts in Teaching program for Secondary English and am student teaching in a public school in Providence, Rhode Island.
Andrew TegelerAndrew Tegeler (contact me)
B.A. 2018 in Political Science, Education minor

When I started at Tufts in 2014, I had no clue what I was going to study. I took a wide variety of classes and imagined myself in many different careers after I graduated. During my Junior year I enrolled in my first education class, School and Society with Prof. Cohen, and I knew from the first week that I had found a path of study that I was passionate about. The education department has given me a wide variety of opportunities to pursue the study of education. My classes have allowed me to reflect on my own schooling experiences, consider the role and history of education in Boston and nationwide, and become an advocate for equity in education. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work as an intern in a public high school, observe classrooms in schools around Boston, and hear from many educators who visited my classes as guest lecturers. The professors I have had in my education classes are some of the most passionate, helpful, and caring people I have learned from. In August of 2018, I will begin a position as an Apprentice Teacher at the Park School in Brookline, MA. I will be an assistant in a fourth-grade classroom, a middle school volleyball coach, and benefit from the guidance of a mentor teacher. The education department at Tufts has prepared me for this position, and for my future career in Education.

Faculty Advisors for Undergraduate Program

Review faculty bios to find an advisor whose interests seem most aligned with yours.

Steven Cohen
Program Director

Linda Beardsley
Bárbara M. Brizuela
Deborah Donahue Keegan
Julia Gouvea
Brian Gravel
David Hammer
Andrew Izsák
Silas Pinto
Ryan Redmond
Erin Seaton

Student Voices

Hear from current and previous Education major students regarding their experience in the program through our Student Voices Series.