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Internships in Environmental Studies add first-hand experience by getting students out of the classroom and into environmental work. Internship locations are varied, but all involve at least 100 hours of service (paid or unpaid), in the summer or during the school year.

Internship database: This resource contains a list of +350 domestic and international internships done by ENVS majors. The database is meant to help ENVS students find a potential institution to do their required internship. Organizations listed may or may not have current openings. Before reaching out to an organization feel free to contact the Environmental Studies Program to request additional information. Please, remember that your internship must be pre-approved by the Program Assistant Director. In order to have access to the internship database you will need to be a declared ENVS major. We will try to update access to the database throughout the year to include newly declared students. If you can’t access the database, please send an email to environmentalstudies@tufts.edu.

To complete your Environmental Studies Internship:

  1. Before doing the internship you must contact the Program Assistant Director to gain approval of your proposed internship

  2. Do the internship (paid or unpaid). Take some pictures to use in your poster or to be posted in the Environmental Studies website.

  3. Students are required to sign up for ENV 99 after completing their internship. Students who complete their internship during the Spring/Summer are required to sign up for ENV99 the following Fall semester. Students who complete their internship in the Fall/Winter must sign up for ENV 99 in the following Spring. For example, if you complete your internship in December, you must enroll in ENV 99 in the Spring semester. ENV 99 is a "no credit" class. If you are a Senior doing your internship during the last semester before graduation you may enroll in ENV 99 that semester.

  4. All ENV 99 students are required to complete an Internship Evaluation Form and a poster of their work (OPTIONAL poster template and an example can be downloaded here), which they will present at the mandatory symposium. All materials must be submitted through the Canvas course site. You can print your poster at the Tisch Library's Digital Design Studio for a small fee, or you can make your own poster instead of printing it as long as it looks professional.

The internship symposium for Fall 2020 was held on:
November 20, 2020
Contact environmentalstudies@tufts.edu for information about the symposium.

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