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1st Annual Undergraduate Environmental Photo Contest (2011-2012)

Environmental Studies Program Undergraduate Photography Exhibit
Currently on display at Tufts Institute of the Environment, 210 Packard Avenue, Miller Hall, East Rear Door, Medford, MA 02155

In the Fall 2011, the Environmental Studies Program at Tufts University held its 1st Annual Undergraduate Environmental Photography Contest.

In their discussions of the work, the Review Committee found it difficult to narrow down the many wonderful entries to just three finalists. So, they made an executive decision to create three categories of work and give each a first and second place award, as well as honorable mentions. Work was evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Environmentally related content/subject including any descriptive information provided by the photographer
  • Composition
  • Artistry/Creativity/Effect
  • Finish Quality/Presentation

All of the images below are exhibited at the Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE) offices in Miller Hall and via an online exhibit on our website.

The work submitted was diverse, but generally could be split into the following three categories. We have noted first and second prize winners under the category designations.

1st Place: Perched Hummingbird by Lucia Smith
2nd Place: Herd of Zebras by Mary Ferrill

Human Environments
1st Place: Pollution by Will Russack
2nd Place: Untitled (Image of China Street with Motorcycle) by Austin Hsieh

Natural Landscapes
1st Place: The Peak by Eugene Buonaccorsi
2nd Place: Yosemite by Lucia Smith

Honorable Mentions
Loner by Eugene Buonaccorsi
Lion and Lion Cub by Molly Ferrill
Reflection of Ballou Hall with Elephant by Austin Hsieh
White Breasted Thrasher Chick by Hillevi Jaegerman
Manzanita Tree by Lucia Smith
Autumn Trees by Davis by Lucia Smith
Storm Rolling into the Desert by Sarah Strand

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