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3rd Annual Undergraduate Environmental Photo Contest (2013-2014)

Congratulations to the winners of our 3rd Annual Environmental Photography Contest

1st Place: Ngalawa Boat, northeastern Zanzibar
(by Thea Mink, Biology Major)

Ngalawa Boat

Most of the artisanal fishing off the coast of Tanzania and Zanzibar is done from small ngalawa boats. Because of the relatively small yield from these outrigger canoes, fishermen turn to using illegal drag nets and utupa poison to catch more fish. There are also often reports of dynamite fishing.

2nd Place: Grain Fields After Plow in Cadiz province, Andalucia, Spain
(by Sophie Seiden, Anthropology/Environmental Studies Major)

3rd Place: The Walkway Across the Ounila River, Morroco
(by Cailin McKenzie, Music/Environmental Studies Major)

Honorable Mention: Lounging Marine Iguana
(by Luca Guadagno, Undeclared Major)

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