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5th Annual ENVS Undergraduate Photography Contest (2015-2016)

Congratulations to the winners of our 5th Annual Environmental Photography Contest

1st Place: Ben Janis

"Morning haze in Belize"

2nd Place: Nick Dorian

"Gone Fishing"
A Snow Egret catches a fish on a late-December morning in Connecticut. Afterwards, this one resumed quietly stirring and paddling its bright yellow feet in hopes of attracting more prey. Snowy Egrets are rare visitors to New England in the winter, making this sighting all the more special. But if it weren't for the efforts of conservations in the early 20th century, Snowy Egrets might not be around at all. Driven to near extinction in the 19th century by the plume industry, they have since made a valiant comeback and are now widespread across much of the coastal United States.

3rd Place: Luca Guadagno

"Dry Season"
Northern Tanzania is filled with newborns at the end of the dry season as wildlife and livestock alike anticipate the boom of lush vegetation that comes with the rains. Here, a newly born calf gains its footing as it walks around inside a protective pen made of chopped trees. The Maasai tribe that lives in this area makes these circular fences to protect their livestock from hyenas, lions, and leopards who would otherwise make a quick meal out of the livestock. The family that this calf belongs to depends on the rains to feed their crops and livestock.

This year we received 34 entries from 7 contestants. You can view all the submissions here.

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