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Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development

David Henry Feldman

Professor Emeritus

David Henry Feldman

Professor Emeritus

Phone 617-627-3355
105 College Avenue, Medford, MA

Current Projects

The growth and development of cultural knowledge domains, studies in cultural genetic epistemology. Studies of child prodigies and savants.

Ph.D., Stanford University
M.A., Stanford University
Ed.M., Harvard University
A.B., University of Rochester

Cognitive development; developmental theory; creativity; intellectual development; developmental transitions; expertise; extreme giftedness and creativity; educational and developmental theory

Selected Publications and Presentations: 

Feldman, D.H. (2012). "Cognitive development in childhood: A contemporary perspective." In R.M. Lerner, M.A. Easterbrooks, & J. Mistry (Eds.), Handbook of psychology 2nd edition: Vol.6: Developmental psychology (pp. 289-316). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Feldman, D.H., Abo-Zena, M., Roeser, R.W., & Warren, A.E.A. (2012). "When beliefs fit and they don't: Religious conversion, spirituality, and positive youth development." In A.E.A. Warren, R.M. Lerner, & E. Phelps (Eds.), Thriving and spirituality among youth: Research perspectives and future possibilities (pp. 129-166)a. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Feldman, D.H. & Morelock, M.J. (2011). "Prodigies and savants." In R. Sternberg & S. Kaufman (Eds), Handbook of Intelligence (pp. 210-234). New York: Cambridge University Press.

Feldman, D.H. (2008). "'Darwin? Lamarck? Piaget?: All of the Above?' Commentary on Joe Becker." Human Development, 51, 3, 196-201.

Feldman, D.H. & Benjamin, A. (2004). "Piaget's stages: The unfinished symphony of cognitive development." New Ideas in Psychology, 22, 3, 175-231.

Feldman, D.H. & Benjamin, A. (2004). "Going backward to go forward: The critical role of regressive movement in cognitive development." Journal of Cognition and Development, 5, 97-102.

Feldman, D.H. (2003). "Cognitive development in early childhood." In R. Lerner, A. Easterbrooks, & J. Mistry (Eds.), Developmental Psychology (pp. 195-210). New York: John Wiley.

Feldman, D.H.(2000). "Figurative and operative processes in the development of artistic talent." Human Development, 43, 60-64.

Feldman, D.H. (2003). "The creation of multiple intelligences theory: A study in high level thinking." In V. John-Steiner & K. Sawyer (Eds.), Development and creativity (pp. 139-185. New York: Oxford University Press.

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