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School of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Grants and Fellowships 2021-2022

Major Grants in FY 2021 - 2022

A&S is pleased to recognize 14 faculty and staff who received major grants in FY22. The recipients are:

  • Patricia Reilly, Financial Aid, received $5,000,000 from Schuler Education Foundation for Schuler Access Initiative.
  • Michael Levin, Biology, received $3,922,051 from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. for his four two-year project, Re-training molecular networks: a new path toward the biomedicine of cancer and regeneration revealed by a basal cognition approach.
  • Michael Levin, Biology, received $2,133,060 from the John Templeton Foundation for his three-year project, Synthetic Living Machines and the Emergence of Purpose.
  • Richard Lerner, Eliot-Pearson¬†Child Study and Human Development, received $999,552 from Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. for his three-year project, Promoting Healthy Development in South African Youth through Thandas Character Virtues Development Programs.
  • Michael Levin, Biology, and Fiorenzo Omenetto, SOE, received $708,848 from U.S. Office of Naval Research for their one-year project, Confocal microscopy for producing high-resolution image control in living skin.
  • Krishna Kumar, Chemistry, received $510,455 from Velum Incorporated (original sponsor NIH) for his three-year project, A GIP Companion Drug for Enhancing Metabolic Benefits of Long-Acting GLP-1.
  • Rebecca Fauth, and Jessica Goldberg, Eliot-Pearson Child Study and Human Development received $496,364 from Massachusetts Department of Public Health for their two-year project, COVID-19 Disparities Grant: Community-based qualitative data collection.
  • Rebecca Fauth, Ann Easterbrooks, and Jessica Goldberg, Eliot-Pearson Child Study and Human Development received $489,875 from Roca, Inc. for her three-year project, Evaluation Services for Roca Young Mothers Program.
  • Scott Frost and Colin Orians, Biology, received $449,651 from NSF for their three-year project, Collaborative Research: Using Herbivore Kairomones to Assess Short-term and Legacy Risk Responses in the Early Life Stages of Long-lived Woody Plants.
  • Richard Lerner, Eliot-Pearson Child Study and Human Development, received $435,339 from Turnaround for Children, Inc for his eighteen-month project, Tufts IARYD and Turnaround for Children Collaboration.
  • Clay Bennett, Chemistry, received $414,747 from NIH for his four-year project, A Continuous Flow-Based Approach to Automated Microbial Oligosaccharide Synthesis.
  • Alexander Vilenkin, Physics and Astronomy, received $405,000 from NSF for his three-year project, Fundamental physics and cosmology.

Fellowships and Grants in AY 2021 -2022

In addition to the aforementioned grants, our faculty, staff, and students secured grants and fellowships from numerous corporations and foundations including:

Administration for Children and Families, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Alfred P Sloan Foundation, Atlantic Specialty Coffee, Inc., Bedford VA Research Corporation, Inc., Boston Globe Foundation, BRIM Biotechnology, Brookhaven National Laboratory, City of Medford, Devens Enterprise Commission, Dialysis Clinic, Inc., D-Wave Systems, Emerald Gate Charitable Trust, Georgia Humanities, Harvard University, Health Made Easy LC, Horticultural Research Institute, Inc., Jack Miller Center, Lahey Clinic, Inc., Land Economics Foundation of Lambda Alpha International, National Endowment for the Humanities, Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc., Research Corporation for Science Advancement, Rheumatology Research Foundation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc., Technische Universitat Berlin, The Africa-America Institute, The Guy Foundation, University Research Association, Inc., Unravel Biosciences, Inc., and Wave Life Sciences USA, Inc.

Faculty Grants and Fellowships from Previous Years