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School of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Grants and Fellowships 2020-2021

Major Grants in FY 2020 - 2021

A&S is pleased to recognize 11 faculty and administrators who received major grants in FY21. The recipients are:

  • Benjamin Wolfe, Biology, received $1,229,007 from NSF for his five-year project, CAREER: Mechanisms of microbial adaptation in variable biotic environments.
  • Barry Trimmer, Biology, received $607,945 from NIH for his two-year project, Optical interrogation of neural circuits in Manduca.
  • Peggy Cebe, Physics, received $588,319 from NSF for her three-year project, Thermal and Structural Properties of Polyzwitterions, with Research Opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Interns.
  • Anna Sajina and Danilo Marchesini, Physics, received $530,866 from NASA for their three-year project The Dusty Starburst, AGN and Quiescent Phases of Massive Galaxies as Seen Across Different Environments and Cosmic Epochs.
  • Ira Caspari, Chemistry, and Vesal Dini, Physics, received $500,785 from NSF for their three-year project, ECR DBER DCL: Facilitation Practices of Instructional Assistants.
  • Michael Levin, Biology, received $500,000 from Science Research 2.0 Foundation to fund his one-year project, Collective Cell Intelligence: A Novel Approach to Cancer.
  • Peter Love, Physics, received $460,000 from U.S. Department of Energy for his four-year project, Quantum Systems Accelerator.
  • Gina Kuperberg, Psychology, received $420,000 from Sidney R. Baer Jr Foundation for her six-year project, Program for Thought, Language and Communication in Mental Illness.
  • Charles Sykes, Chemistry, received $403,599 from U.S. Department of Energy for his three-year project, COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Exploring and exploiting the oxidation state void between single atom catalysts and single atom alloys - a combined model and real catalyst approach.
  • Michael Levin, Biology, received $400,193 from an anonymous foundation for his two-year project, Tadpole Brain Repair: establishing a therapeutic discovery platform for regenerative medicine of the brain and central nervous system.

Fellowships and Grants in AY 2020 -2021

In addition to the aforementioned grants, our faculty secured grants and fellowships from numerous corporations and foundations including:

American Psychological Association, Inc., Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc., Charles Warren Center, Institute for Citizens & Scholars, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Klarman Family Foundation, Mary S. Mulligan Charitable Trust, Massachusetts Department of Early Education, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, National Endowment for the Humanities, One8 Foundation, Organization for Autism Research, Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc., Russell Sage Foundation, Simons Foundation, Inc., Smart From the Start, Inc., Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc., The Snider Foundation, and Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

Faculty Grants and Fellowships from Previous Years