Non-U.S. Courses

All FMS majors must take at least one of these non-US courses. Not all of the courses listed below are offered each semester, and there may be new FMS courses that are not yet listed below. To see which courses are currently being offered and what requirements they fulfill, see our current course catalog.

FMS 68: From Beijing to Bollywood: Cinema of India and China (cross-listed as CHNS 83)

FMS 69 and 169: Latin American Cinema (cross-listed with FAH 84 and 184)

FMS 75: World of Japanese Animation: Culture, Cult, and Commerce (cross-listed as JPN 81)

FMS 76: Arab and Middle Eastern Cinemas (cross-listed as ILVS 87 and ARB 57)

FMS 77: Italian Film (cross-listed as ITAL 75)

FMS 78: Japanese Film (cross-listed as JPN 80)

FMS 79: German Film (cross-listed as GER 85)

FMS 80: Russian Film: Art, Politics and Society (cross-listed as RUS 80)

FMS 83: Latino Theatre and Film (cross-listed as DR 51)

FMS 84: Jewish Experience On Film (cross-listed as JS 142 and with REL 142, WL 142 and ILVS 103)

FMS 85: Film & Nation: Russia & Central Asia (cross-listed as RUS 85 and with CIV 85 and ILVS86)

FMS 86: Classics of World Cinema (cross-listed as ILVS 100 and as WL 101)

FMS 88: Introduction to Chinese Cinema (cross-listed as CHNS 80)

FMS 90: Major Japanese Film Directors: The World of Studio Ghibli (cross-listed as JPN 112)

FMS 91: New Chinese Cinemas: Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China (cross-listed as CHNS 81 and ILVS 81)

FMS 94: Arab-Jewish Literature and Film (cross-listed as ILVS 92 and ARB 92)

FMS 94: Contemporary Russian Media (cross-listed as RUS 72)

FMS 94: Kafka and Film cross-listed as GER 92 and ILVS 92)

FMS 94: Love and War in French Films (cross-listed as ILVS 92 and FR 92)

FMS 94: Iranian Cinema and Theatre (cross-listed with TPS 94)

FMS 94: Visual and Literary Cultures after the "Arab Spring" (cross-listed as ARB 91)

FMS 175: Visualizing Colonialism (cross-listed as ARB 155 and ILVS 155)

FMS 178: War and Cultural Memory in Literature and Cinema of the Middle East (cross-listed as ARB 157 and ILVS 157)

FMS 181: New Latin American Film (cross-listed as SPN 151; taught in Spanish)

FMS 183: Mexican Cinema and Identity (cross-listed as SPN 0814)

FMS 194: Film Representation in Latin America (cross-listed as SPN 191)

FMS 194: Literature and Film of Post-Civil War Spain (cross-listed as SPN 192)

FMS 194: Mexican Cinema and Identity (cross-listed as SPN 192-C)

FMS 194: Seminar: Hayao Miyazaki (cross-listed as JPN 191)