Practice Courses

All FMS majors must take at least one of these practice courses. Not all of the courses listed below are offered each semester, and there may be new FMS courses that are not yet listed below. To see which courses are currently being offered and what requirements they fulfill, see our current course catalog.

FMS 30: Fundamentals of Film and Media Production

FMS 31: Making the Short Film

FMS 32: Screenwriting 1 (cross-listed as TPS 79)

FMS 33: Screenwriting II (cross-listed as TPS 178)

FMS 34: Producing for Film (cross-listed as DR 152)

FMS 35: New Forms of Screen Narrative (cross-listed as ENG 12)

FMS 36: Costume Design (cross-listed as TPS 71)

FMS 37: Documentary Film: History and Practice

FMS 39: Dance on Camera (cross-listed as DNC 77)

FMS 41: Creative Writing: Journalism (cross-listed as ENG 7)

FMS 42: Intermediate Journalism (cross-listed as ENG 11)

FMS 43: PR & Marketing: A History of Theory and Tactics (cross-listed as EXP 0052)

FMS 44: Social Marketing: Theory and Practice (cross-listed as EXP 58)

FMS 57: Creating Children’s Media (cross-listed as CSHD 143)

FMS 67: Composition for Film (cross-listed as MUS 67)

FMS 94: Film Script to Screen

FMS 94: Acting for TV and Film (cross-listed as TPS 93)

FMS 94: Creating Children's Media (cross-listed as CSHD 143)

FMS 94: Dance and the Hollywood Musical (cross-listed as DNC 91)

FMS 94: Film Criticism: Art and Practice (cross-listed as EXP 78)

FMS 94: Game Design (cross-listed as COMP 50)

FMS 94: Hearing Cinema – Film and Media Sound (cross-listed as COMP 50)

FMS 99: FMS Media Internship

FMS 134: Screenwriting III

FMS 136: Directing for Film (cross-listed as TPS 136)

FMS 138: Advanced Filmmaking (cross-listed as TPS 194)

FMS 139: Independent Filmmaking

FMS 194: Advanced Documentary Production

FMS 194: The Audio-Visual Imagination (cross-listed as MUS 197)

FMS 194: Film and Multimedia Music Analysis (cross-listed as MUS 165)